The Sleep

Gofox, 31 March 2021

The Sleep (or Dragflick), is a shot on goal movement similar to the push. It is notably used on the Penalty Corner (PC) phases. It can also be used as a pass.

The movement consists of sliding the ball over a large part of the face of the stick to propel the ball by accelerating it, like a whip or a trebuchet.

The grip used is a Double V Grip.

The legs are bent with the shoulders towards the ground. The stick touches the ground completely, the hands being a few centimeters from the ground. The ball is located at the level of the right foot; the center of the flat side of the stick is in contact with the ball.

During the movement, the weight of the body will shift from the right foot to the left foot. During this movement, the ball will be pushed by the stick; stick and hands remain close to the ground. As the left foot approaches the height of the left foot, the stick will be oriented to move the ball towards the head of the stick; this movement accelerates the ball. The end of the movement, which is very explosive, consists of pushing the ball by giving it its final direction.

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