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Gofox works with the best companies in their field to help the hockey world grow. Take a look at our partners and find out how they work with us!

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The Challenger



Tanguy Pardoen


The added value of our partnership

All our partners offer services and solutions to help all of our users to enjoy the application.


Creation of exercises

Our partners help us to offer you a series of quality exercises!


Writing articles

Sharing knowledge about the pillars of hockey is our priority!


Photos contributions

Quality of visual support is of high importance to our users.

Join the Gofox team to bring your knowledge to hockey fans!


About the inventor of Gofox

Gofox was founded by Gauthier Romers, a hockey fan. For years, he played for the same club before becoming a coach. He still coaches youth and adult teams at Louvain-la-Neuve Hockey Club. A real pleasure for him!


Quentin brings a wealth of knowledge from his years on the field as a player and coach. He loves writing blog posts as well as taking his time to take beautiful pictures for Gofox. A true sports nut!

The Challenger

Zizou, as he is nicknamed, is an ardent sportsman, spending his time on the field sharing his knowledge and training talented players. Outside of hockey, he creates many exercises to share with the app's users.

Tanguy Pardoen

Tanguy also contributes to the visual input for Gofox. He has been playing hockey for years and years and loves to spend time on the sidelines photographing this great sport and bringing his creations to the app.

Radu Web Design

Radu and his team were the people who made this project happen. With experience in web development, marketing, and design, Radu Web Design helped us create our own website with an integrated CMS & CRM solution in record time!

Take your training creation to the next level!

Use our design tool to bring structure to your workouts that will allow you to push your limits. Share your trainings with other trainers and get inspired by their trainings to build on your knowledge.

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