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Gofox is the most intuitive, easy, and complete application to create your team's training exercises.

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The best support for hockey coaches

Hockey players spend an average of 2 days a week on the field. Provide them quality support by preparing your own exercises and/or using the Gofox exercises as inspiration.


The benefits of Gofox

Creation tool

User-friendly creation tool

Trainers create their own exercises and drills with our creative tool.


Our training exercices library

We provide an extensive database with ready-to-use exercises and drills.


Field hockey knowledge base

Knowledge base with tips and instructions on the different pillars.


Powerful calendar

Add training dates, matches, and events for your teams.

Linking to calendar

Syncing to the calendar

Players can view training drills created in advance as they get added to the calendar.


Player attendance system

Players can indicate their attendance for each activity.


Makes it easy to prepare your training sessions!

Easily set up all your exercises and training drills with our creation tool adapted to your needs.

Build your own library of exercises and drills, so you never lose them!


Keep an overview of all trainings given in your club!

Stay updated with the training that is being prepared and given by your club trainers.

Quickly assess whether the skills to be mastered are being worked out during the season by the trainers.

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Professionalise your training!

Work with our creation tool to set up your exercises and make them available to your players before their training.

Keep a history of the training sessions given during the season.


What users say about Gofox

We use Gofox for our club coaches. We're very satisfied to see how easily they prepare their sessions in advance. Thanks to the trainings sharing system, the coaches lose less time explaining them. A true step forward for hockey!

G. Wauters
Club Manager

Gofox is a very nice and easy to use application. If you are looking for a specific skill to work on, you will be able to quickly find different exercises. Creating an exercise is very easy, thanks to the cones, players, lines, and curves... It's a real pleasure to use this new app!

Bas R.
Club Manager

I use Gofox to prepare all my exercises. I am totally satisfied with the ease of use and the added value in my daily life. I can easily make changes to my training, but above all, I will never lose them! I really love this app!

T. Overmars

Discover your potential with Gofox !

No credit card required - Direct access