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your exercises

With the creation tool, develop all your exercises digitally. Add them to your private library and never lose them again. This way, you can easily remember the exercises you have already tested and approved in the field.

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Share your training with your players

Link your training sessions to a date to allow your players to discover and understand them. Don't waste time explaining your exercise on the field and start it straight away to optimise your time and that of your players.

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T. Overmars
T. Overmars
Coach, Belgium
I use Gofox to prepare all my exercises. I am totally satisfied with the ease of use and the added value in my daily life. I can easily make changes to my training, but above all, I will never lose them! I love this app!

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Work with our creation tool to set up your exercises and make them available to your players before their training. Keep track of the training sessions given during the season.

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Discover various tips and explanations about the world of hockey in the knowledge base. Invite your players to read them and apply them during your next training session to avoid the most common mistakes.


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