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Our hockey sticks

What's in our range?

Hockey sticks are part of a hockey player's equipment. Hockey sticks have a variety of different characteristics, so these should be taken into account when choosing a new stick. Gofox currently offers a targeted range of sticks for adults and teenagers. Check them out now and find the one that suits you best.

Matériau stick hockey sur gazon

98% carbon

Poids stick hockey sur gazon

+/- 530 g

Courbure stick hockey sur gazon

Medium Low Bow
Hard Low Bow

Taille grip de stick de hockey sur gazon


Our hockey accessories

What's in our range?

Hockey accessories are an important part of a safe and enjoyable game. Whether it is for safety or comfort, it is important to choose the best qualities for a long time. Gofox currently offers chamois grip with unique characteristics for every hockey player. Discover them and choose the ideal color for you.

Qualité stick hockey gazon

High quality

Dureté stick hockey gazon


Résistance stick hockey sur gazon


Solidité stick hockey sur gazon


How much does a stick cost?