The structure of a training

Gofox, 11 October 2020

It is important to keep a similar structure for all the training sessions of the season. At Gofox we prefer a simple structure composed of a warm-up, the training body (several exercises), and an end of training (endgame).
The structure of a training

The structure of a training

Warming up

In addition to allowing the body to prepare for the effort of the session, the warm-up should be used to set the pace of the session. A long or tedious warm-up will discourage your players, while a simple game will help develop team spirit and a competitive edge. In addition, it can be useful to have a warm-up routine to help your players become more independent.

The training body

The training body is made up of different exercises, generally, for a 1h30 training, 3 or 4 exercises of respectively 20 or 15 minutes are planned. Gofox offers you the possibility to differentiate your exercises according to different themes; technical, tactical, mental, or physical.

The end of the training

The end of training is always a time when players can relax and have fun. Gofox, therefore, recommends an end game where players can, in two or more teams, put some competition.

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