Manage training

Gofox, 11 October 2020

Training management covers a large number of aspects and has a great impact on the quality of training.
Manage training

Finding viable solutions is important for good management

The solution against ball loss!

Count and store your balls more easily by creating a ball bin. This will enable you to quickly group your balls together at the end of each training session and lose as few as possible. This solution is also practical for storing them on your premises.

Distinguish the trainers!

Giving all the trainers a T-shirt of a distinct colour, with a clear and precise inscription, will make it easier for the players to find them. It will also allow the players’ parents to know who they should talk to.

Designate responsible staff members on training days.

Staff members can also have a separate t-shirt, which will allow the coaches to redirect players or parents to the staff for any questions they may have.

Manage the flow of players in and out of the field.

Do not allow players to get on the field before their training time. Players going onto the pitch often have a tendency to pick up balls and play to the side, thus preventing the trainers on the pitch from having all their equipment at their disposal. In addition, a player not participating in training is potentially at risk. A moment of inattention quickly arrives!

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