10 golden rules for trainers

Gofox, 11 October 2020

It is important for trainers to be exemplary role models for the players in their clubs. To do so, we have compiled a list of 10 golden rules to becoming a dedicated trainer!
10 golden rules for trainers

Become a model coach for your club!

1. Prepare your training! A prepared practice is a practice where players will have more fun and learn more new elements.

2. Arrive early. Coming 30 minutes early allows time to prepare the equipment for practice and to welcome the players.

3. Arrive in sportswear. The trainer must be able to set an example on the field, so he must be dressed appropriately.

4. Have your stick! If the trainer shows the exercise to the players, he must do it with his stick and not that of a player

5. Master the techniques. The trainer must be able to know all the techniques as well as the different grips used to correct a player’s mistake.

6. Give feedback. Individual and group feedback allows the player(s) to understand what they have done well or what needs to be improved.

7. Be Proactive. The trainer should be able to be reactive and adapt his exercise if he notices that something is not working as he imagined it would.

8. Be smiling. A cheerful and smiling trainer will more easily motivate and transmit his knowledge to the team.

9. Motivate the team. Finding the right words to motivate the team helps to keep a good atmosphere on the field and makes the players want to come back to practice.

10. Listening. The trainer needs to listen to his players if they have a comment on the exercise or if they have difficulty in performing a technique.

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