Explaining an exercise to young people

Gofox, 11 October 2020

The explanation of an exercise is an important point above all for the players. It should include several parts such as the link with the match, the explanation, and the example. The explanation should be short and precise to allow the players to quickly get started with the exercise.
Explaining an exercise to young people

Make a link between the exercise and the match!

It is important for the players to understand how the exercise will help them in their matches. To do this it is necessary to explain the points that the exercise works on and when to use them in the match.

Explain the exercise step by step

Place the players in front of you

When the trainer explains or shows the exercise, it is important to have the players facing him. This allows you to have a view of the players who may not be paying attention, but it also allows you to raise your voice to the team and thus be heard by everyone.

Explain the exercise

The trainer must explain his exercise in simple words that everyone can understand. In addition, to make sure that all players hear the trainer, the coach can ask a player to explain it again to the others.

Making a continuous example

The last part consists of designating players to carry out an example of the exercise. Drawing the players at random allows us to get more attention from the players during our explanation. Once the example has been well done, all that remains is to place the players on the cones and launch the exercise for the whole team!

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