How to choose the size of a field hockey stick?

Gofox, 22 May 2023

The size of the hockey sticks can be divided into two categories, for children and for adults. For children the size will be between 24" and 36.5", for adults it will be above 36.5". Choosing the right stick size is important because the wrong one can affect the player's body!

How can we choose a good size of hockey stick ?

For children:

The best-known technique for years is to place the stick vertically in front of the player. If the stick reaches the navel, then the stick will be good for him.

Do not use a stick that is too big for your child, as this could interfere with his play. This would make it more difficult for him to progress in his game. . A stick that is too small will force the child to bend over too much on the court and can cause back pain. So remember to check each season that the stick is still the right size!

For adults:

For adults, the choice of size is greatly simplified. For a long time, the majority of adults had a 36.5″ stick and always used this size. Today, adults have a slightly wider choice of stick sizes. Many players switch from a 36.5″ to a 37.5″ or even to a 38.5″.

But what is the size in centimeters of the sticks ?

To help you, we have designed a help using the recommended size of the sticks according to that of the players.

Now, all sizes have no secrets anymore for you ! All you have to do is discovering the other important features of a stick !

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