How to choose the bow of a field hockey stick?

Gofox, 22 May 2023

In field hockey, all sticks (for children, teenagers, and adults) have an inward bow. This bow of the stick is usually between 16 and 25 millimeters (mm) and is calculated from the bottom of the stick to the point where the bow is maximum. When buying a new stick, the bow is an important choice to consider!

Regarding field hockey sticks, we can separate bows into 4 categories:

Mid Bow

With a bow of between 250 and 300mm, the Mid Bow is the most common one used by hockey players. Mostly used by beginners or less experienced players, it allows them to concentrate on passing and ball control.

The Mid Bow is generally a choice for defenders or players looking for control.

Pro Bow

Featuring a bow placed between 225 and 250mm, the Pro Bow is perfect for versatile players. It offers better maneuverability when dribbling or changing direction, while maintaining a good feel for ball control and passing.

The Pro Bow is often used by midfielders or players who like to dribble.

Low Bow

The Low Bow is ideal for 3D players, as it has a lower bow between 200 and 225mm. It allows you to play easily in 3D, while still having the maneuverability to protect the ball and make passes. It is also the ideal curve for long flick through the court.

The Low Bow is most often used by forwards or some defenders.

Extreme Low Bow

With a bow of 200mm, the Extreme Low Bow is ideal for maximising 3D play and playing with high balls. It is able to give extra push on pushes, making it easier to hit flicks and dragflicks. This makes it the ideal bow for scoring corner penalties.

The Extreme Low Bow is used by attackers and dragflicks experts.

What are Gofox bows and what do they correspond to?

Gofox has its own lexicon of brand-specific bow names. Let’s find out what our bows are.

Medium Low Bow

The Medium Low Bow is a curvature located at 200mm with a depth of 24mm. This bow has been developed for defenders and experienced players, offering optimal ball control and precision in passing and shooting.

The Medium Low Bow is comparable to the Low Bow.

Hard Low Bow

The Hard Low Bow is a 200mm curvature with a depth of 24.75mm. This bows has been developed for midfielders and attackers, offering optimal shooting power and excellent force transmission when passing or shooting.

The Hard Low Bow is comparable to the Extreme Low Bow.

Now, all the curvatures have no secrets anymore for you! All you have to do is discover the other important features of a stick!

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