Optimising a trainer's time

Gofox, 11 October 2020

Many minutes of training are wasted picking up cones, balls, etc. and then putting them back for the next exercise.
Optimising a trainer's time

Discover our 3 tips for your training sessions

Arriving early and preparing the material

Arriving 15 minutes before the start of training allows the trainer to prepare all the equipment he needs. This saves precious time between the different exercises!

Involving the players

The trainer can ask players to help him pick up equipment used during exercises and then put it back. The trainer should therefore only concentrate on setting up the next exercise.

Taking advantage of breaks

The best time to place the next exercise will be during the players’ drink breaks. The equipment can be removed from the field when the players have left it and the players can help afterwards with the placement of the new equipment for the next exercise.

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