Facilitating understanding

Gofox, 11 October 2020

It is important to make the exercise understandable in the field to help the players understand the elements being worked on and not to focus them on how the exercise works.
Facilitating understanding of hockey practice

Apply the Gofox tips for your exercises!

1. Use the colours of your cones! By using different colours of cones, you will allow players to quickly understand which cone they should move towards.

2. Use two cones for the player cones! Two cones placed next to each other allow you to mark where the players start the exercise.

3. Keep one colour per step! Placing two blue cones and 5 yards further on, one blue cone allows the player to know which cone to move towards (to make a call or a ball drive).

4. Use all the space at your disposal! By using all the space that is available, you allow the players not to stay on top of each other.

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